Saturday, February 8, 2014


 Hey guys, i know that i didn't post for a long time and you didn't know that i was on New York City for a couples of days and then i went to Orlando to go to Disney with my family. But I will post about what i did those day but i wanted to tell you guys what i found in a thrift shop in New york city to a huge big deal like WOW you can't imagine! I always wanted a polaroid camara and i went to this thrift shop (that i didn't wanted to go because it was too cold outside) with my mom and i found really cool stuff but one of the coolest one was this one! It didn't bring the polaroid paper film so i need to buy it but it was really worth it! so exited to use this bad boy!!! Hopefully SOON i will post films from this polaroid.
I wanted to tell you guys that i will updated some things to my blog, and i will post more now! (hopefully) So see you in the next post that is going to be really soon<3


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